The energy buzz reality

When we talk about energy, we fundamentally must adopt a holistic approach. One, where a diversity of competencies and capabilities, based on a common platform, can look at our current contextual placement and challenges from a 360 degrees perspective. I say contextual placement and not an energy crisis because we do not have an energy crisis but rather a leadership one.

You can’t keep making decisions based on the current marketing fashion and the latest buzzwords. Energy, being one of the most important fundamental building blocks of the development of society, requires a multidisciplinary approach to its complexity. It’s not only designing a product (electric vehicle for example) or reducing taxes on its consumption. It’s about understanding what all the implications are.

We keep forgetting that renewable energy is not necessarily a reliable energy. We ignore the fact that geographic locations play an enormous role in the usability of energy sources (wind, solar). Furthermore, we hide the total impact of energy on the touch-point (going back to electric vehicle, CO2 reduction must be calculated on the total energy harvesting and consumption – the supply-chain of the materials that makes but one EV is so damaging that we rather hide it and never talk about it)

Coal, Oil, Gas, they are natural as water, solar, wind. We have been miserable in harvesting, storing and converting energy into power, changing the energy source will not change our behaviors. We need to stop phasing out nuclear power and develop its next generation. We need to get our priorities right.

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